Rib Eye Steak


The Rib Eye is considered THE steak of all steaks. Ours is boneless, beautifully marbled, tender and flavorful… it just doesn’t get any better than this.

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You simply can’t go wrong. Cut from a Prime Rib Roast, the Rib Eye is at its best when grilled. But due to its superior composition, this steak can hold on to its tenderness and flavor no matter how you cook it – grilled, slow roasted or pan fried – even when cooked to the medium stage.

Other names for the rib-eye steak include:

    • Delmonico Steak
    • Beauty Steak
    • Market Steak
    • Spencer Steak
    • Entrecôte

Unit/Weight:  12 oz.

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Note: This product is sold frozen, vacuum wrapped and shipped in dry ice.