Organic Grass-fed Prime Rib Roast


The king of all roasts. Extremely tender and flavorful, this superior cut of beef will be worthy of any celebration or turn any meal into a special occasion. Also known as a Standing Rib Roast.

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Whether you stand it up or lay it down, a roast of this quality requires little preparation or fuss, but a few rules of thumb apply for maximum results: 1: Bring your roast to room temperature by removing it from the refrigerator at least one 1 hour before cooking. 2: Don’t salt the meat before cooking – it pulls out the moisture. 3: Use an internal meat thermometer for accurate timing. 4: Remember, your roast will continue cooking after you remove it from the oven, so follow instructions on internal temperature exactly.

Unit/Weight:  11.0 lbs.

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Note:  This product is sold frozen, individually vacuum wrapped and shipped in dry ice. Raw 100% Certified Organic Grass-fed beef from California.