Organic Grass-fed Mock Tender – for Dogs


Keep your Best Friend healthy with the all-natural diet he was intended to eat.


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We cut our Mock Tender roasts into juicy steaks that will make your dog sit up and beg!

Many veterinarians and nutritionists believe our dog’s digestive system was designed for enzyme rich raw meat, raw bones and the natural probiotics found in green tripe.

Cooking destroys the critical enzymes and probiotics in meat. Experts say a combination of raw and cooked food may be the healthiest diet for our pets who are many generations domesticated from their ancestors who ate an entirely raw diet. Our grass-fed, organic mock tender is a safe and healthy way to add that raw element to your dog’s diet.

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Note:  This product is sold frozen, individually vacuum wrapped and shipped in dry ice. Raw 100% Certified Organic Grass-fed beef from California.